Benefits of Micro-Needling: Process and Aftercare Explained

Micro-needling is a popular skincare treatment that takes things a step beyond topical ointments and cleansers. In fact, as the name suggests, it can initially sound a bit extreme. It’s the process of poking many tiny holes into your skin. 

That probably doesn’t sound great upfront, but there’s a reason it’s so popular, nowadays. It works, and despite the off-putting details, it actually offers a ton of benefits without tons of pain or the potential for major issues. 

In this guide, you will discover the top 3 benefits of micro-needling, get in-depth information regarding how it works, and what the aftercare process looks like. 

So, let’s embark on a journey to rejuvenate skin.

1: It Repairs Your Damaged Skin

One of the primary reasons micro-needling works is because it stimulates your body’s natural production of collagen. Collagen is a crucial protein that works as a basic building block for other proteins. Think of it as scaffolding that all the other proteins use to get into position and rebuild your skin. Without it, other proteins can’t perform their reparative duties. 

As such, micro-needling helps your skin repair itself from various types of damage and trauma. By stimulating collagen development, it stimulates the production and efficient usage of reparative proteins in your body. 

Scars, sun-damaged skin, and skin simply thinning out from age are all issues that micro-needling can help with due to collagen production. 

2: Removal of Stretch Marks and Improved Skin Texture

Stretch marks and similar blemishes are nothing to be ashamed of or shy about, but there’s no denying that they simply aren’t what most people want when they try to take perfect care of their skin.

Micro-needling process.

Micro-needling helps remove, and usually fully eliminate, stretch marks and blemishes by breaking down the damaged tissue, and again, stimulating collagen growth so the skin can naturally repair itself properly. There are no topicals, invasive surgeries, or anything else needed. micro-needling simply kickstarts your body’s natural ability to take care of those things. 

As such, micro-needling also greatly improves your skin texture. Not only is it removing the texture differences caused by blemishes and stretch marks, but it also feels more supple and youthful due to the rejuvenating effects that the healing process creates. With a few treatments, you can expect to regain your youthful glow, have more supple skin, and not have to worry about stretch marks. 

3: Wrinkle and Acne Removal

This is a benefit that will help at both ends of the age spectrum. When you’re young, your skin is oily, and your pores are constantly being clogged and damaged, micro-needling can reduce the amount of acne you suffer from and prevent scarring. When you’re older, and time is starting to take its toll, those same healing benefits help to tighten the skin and strengthen it to not only reduce wrinkles but to prevent them from coming back for a while, too. 

There are plenty of topicals and other treatments designed to help with these problems, but micro-needling helps without risking any negative reactions to various chemicals

How Micro-Needling is Performed

The term “micro-needling” doesn’t sound very inviting, but it’s actually a very simple and short procedure that rarely causes any real discomfort. 

When you book a micro-needling appointment, don’t be nervous. Once you’re taken back to a professional treatment room, you’ll be out within about 15 minutes. A specialist uses a small pen-like instrument equipped with many tiny needles, and they run it over your skin to create tiny punctures. This is kind of like getting a professional tattoo done, but the needles are even smaller and gentler than that. So, if you’ve gotten tattooed, you shouldn’t even notice the micro-needling procedure very much. 

This is all done in a controlled fashion to handle problem areas you want to target. It’s not a full-body thing, and it doesn’t take long at all. 

Micro-needling process on the face.

Unfortunately, it’s not a one-treatment solution, either. You’ll need to get multiple treatments spread out across once-a-month appointments until you get the desired results. Depending on the extent of your skin issues, this can be as little as 3 treatments, or as many as a dozen in some extreme cases. 

On the bright side, the results are lasting and natural. 

Aftercare for Micro-needling Treatments

Micro-needling is non-invasive and barely noticeable in most cases, but it still involves puncturing your skin thousands of times. As such, there is a need for some basic aftercare practices for the first couple of days after treatment until your skin heals. 

First, avoid makeup, alcohol-based items, and topicals. They can irritate the tiny punctures, and then you’ll have to deal with various side effects such as pain, redness, and inflammation. 

Next, you’ll need to avoid a lot of sunlight for the same reasons. Your skin is sensitive after micro-needling. 

Drinking lots of water and avoiding exercise for a few days is also key. You don’t want to sweat until you’re properly healed. 

Finally, you should use a mild face cleaner to remove dirt and oil from your face to prevent infections and irritation. 

Essentially, as long as you don’t book your appointment right before a big job interview or similar situation where makeup is necessary or plan on going to the beach afterward, you’ll be fine with basic hygiene practices and taking it easy. 

These aftercare practices might seem limiting but remember that they are only necessary for the couple of days it takes for your skin to heal. It’s also worth noting that there is no downtime. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to rest for a bit after a treatment, but most clients go about their normal lives immediately after treatment. 

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