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Moles, or nevi, are growths on the skin made up of melanocytes, the cells that make colour in our skin. Moles are often skin coloured or brown.

If you’re looking for a mole removal in Markham, trust Daisy Laser & Skin Care Clinic as your optimal choice. Our specialists ensure a seamless and safe procedure, prioritising your comfort and well-being throughout.

What is Mole Removal?

Moles can appear anywhere on the body, alone or in groups.  A person may have only a few moles or more than 100.  Moles are generally harmless, but it is important to know that melanoma, a serious form of skin cancer, can develop from a mole, so it is important to know your moles and watch for changes in them.

Prices Section

  • Mole Removal $20 and up

    Free 1-on-1 Consultation with an in-house MD. Prices start at $20 and varies depending on size. This is a painless procedure.

Mole Health Check

Mole Removal

Get a FREE mole removal check at Daisy Laser & Skin Care Clinic in Markham.

Our Mole Specialist will check if the mole has unusual features – and may want to refer you to a dermatologist, for further evaluation.

What does the dermatologist look for?

The dermatologist might ask for a biopsy which will then be evaluated by a skin pathologist to determine if further treatment should be performed. If the mole is atypical or cancerous, then the entire mole (and some of the surrounding skin) will need to be removed.

If you would like to proceed with mole removal for cosmetic purposes or to beautify your skin and we’re aware that it doesn’t show any signs of malignancy, then Daisy Laser & Skin Care Clinic can remove it surgically.

Mole removal surgery is very common and painless (in most cases). There are different methods for removal depending on the type of mole or the extent of atypical features seen in a biopsy; these methods will be discussed with you.

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When checking your body, use the “ABCDE” method of self-awareness. Meaning:

If you notice any of the above irregularities in your skin tags or mole(s), you should contact your doctor right away.

Want a mole second opinion?

Reach out to the leading centre for mole removal in Markham. Our expert team will conduct thorough assessments, and provide personalised advice on your next steps for optimal care.

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