Micro-needling is the latest technology in treating wrinkled skin, saginess, and depressed scars of healed acnes.

What is Micro-Needling

Micro-needling works by increasing the collagen secretion stimulation in the treated skin areas through two different physiological pathways – by triggering a rapid exfoliation.

 The main target areas for this treatment are face, neck, and the stretch marks of the abdomen – but we can be perform on every imaginable area of the body.

 The main benefits of a micro-needling treatment can been seen almost immediately after the treatment and have long lasting results which can be felt after the first session.

Prices Section

  • Micro-Needling $180 to $450

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  • RF Skin Rejuvenation - Full Face $180

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  • RF Skin Rejuvenation - Neck & Face $220

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  • RF Skin Rejuvenation - Full Abs $170

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  • RF Skin Rejuvenation - Full Abs + Obligues $220

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Is it painful?

Our procedure starts after we apply a numbing cream to the target area – and becomes totally painless, except a little bit of tingling. The whole treatment including the cleaning of the skin, application of the numbing cream, treating the area, and infusing it with a hyaluronic rich serum takes approximately two hours in a relaxed environment. Our patients say that time flies during their session.


Will my skin look red?

It’s normal for your skin to be irritated after the micro-needling treatment to beautify your skin – and this will make it appear more pink after we’re done. We recommend few days of extra care at home for your skin to return to it’s glow. 

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