How can Anti-Aging Injectable help me get rid of unwanted wrinkles?

As a medical doctor I get to see Anti-Aging Injectable as a business that helps people get rid of unwanted wrinkles and as a harvested bacteria re-purposed for beauty. Anti-Aging Injectable is a substance of beauty produced by one kind of bacteria that blocks the gap between our nerve endings and the end organ. Simply meaning that when applied as a cosmetic treatment on our face, it blocks those nerve endings from producing wrinkles.

Anti-Aging Injectable fills this nerve gap needed by our nerves to send us a signal of contraction to our muscles. As a result, the treated muscle are temporarily paralyzed for a long-period of time and wont work any more. So if you’re thinking how to get rid of unwanted wrinkles, this beautiful solution is for you and it will last for approximately 4-6 months, and the substance will eventually be washed away by the body.

At Daisy Laser, a physician like Dr. Hatef, would inject the diluted form of Anti-Aging Injectable as close to the face muscles as possible to reduce their contractility, or in some cases, to totally paralyze muscles in that area for up to 6 months. As the muscles in your face cannot contract any more the wrinkles will not appear as long as the medication stays active.

Considering all the above mentioned variables, a good result would be expected if the practitioner has enough knowledge about the face anatomy, and good artistic concept. He also needs to be able to apply this knowledge in action. In other words, he needs to be experienced.  

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